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Racesafe uses HP Stitch S300 to drive customisation

Success Story
HP Daniela Ciolompea 8th of July 2021

In a colorful new video, leading equestrian brand Racesafe has given a glimpse of its manufacturing facility following the addition of an HP Stitch S300 dye-sublimation printer earlier this year.

Based in Northamptonshire, UK, Racesafe has a 50-year history of producing equestrian clothing, accessories, and safety products to retailers and customers across Europe. Racing silks are made individually to order, with a rider choosing their perfect personalized colors. As Racesafe expanded with more direct-to-customer sales, it quickly became clear that its existing technology could not keep up. Specifically, the team experienced issues matching colors, typically using physical swatches.

HP reseller RA Smart recommends the HP Stitch S300, a digital dye-sublimation printer ideal for accurately color-matching sportswear designs. At the highest standard of racing, sponsors expect their brand and corporate colors to be replicated perfectly, while distinctive colors distinguish families and riding owners - essential in competitions at every level. Even riders who do not compete may want customized gear.

The Stitch was installed in early 2020 and immediately made an impact on color-matching processes - as the new video, released by HP, reveals.

"Since installing the HP Stitch there are now far fewer hold-ups in that process," comments James How, Director of Racesafe, in the video. "We can now, accurately and consistently, replicate colors and people's branding. And from a time point of view, that's massive."

"It's quite easily shaved a week off turnaround times," says James.

As the video demonstrates, it's the strength and precision of colors that stand out. We meet JP Sheffield, a Racesafe customer, who further explains the demand for custom equestrian clothing.

He comments: "Riding silks are really important in three-day eventing because people like to be noticed, they like to be seen as they're going cross-country. Especially the younger generation, they seem to like the more colorful ones."

As the business continues to develop its e-commerce offering, the introduction of the Design Your Own customization tool to Racesafe's website offers an opportunity for customers to add personal or commercial touches. The HP Stitch printer ensures that the depth and shade of colors match the customer's expectations.

"The future of Racesafe is hopefully very exciting. The Racesafe brand will continue to grow," says James How. "The HP Stitch and customization is fundamental to that, a really important part of the next 50 years."

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